I experiment in both editorial and corporate writing, and am big on transferring journalistic skills to content marketing and brand strategy.

Editorial Writing

where the musings fill in


1. Bettering the World Through Entrepreneurship: A Summer Series

The introductory piece to a blog series encouraging more mission-driven ventures, written for NYU's Entrepreneurial Institute. 

2. A Journalist's Love Affair: The Rise of Sponsored Content

The best and worst of media's greatest invention yet. Published on Melanie Deziel's blog, a renowned writer and content strategist.

3. The Secret to Finding a Competitive Advantage

How to leverage competitive content to make a brand stand out. Published on Contently's blog, the thought leader in content marketing and strategy. 

4. "Ads Don't Work": A Guide To Reaching Your Most Coveted Consumers

Data-driven piece with Tableau graphics on the changing landscape of advertising

5. Evolving Internet Usage and What It Means For Your Brand

Are you keeping up?

6. TABu: The Next Best Way to Pay for Your Drink

Coverage of NYU Entrepreneur and COO of the new app TABu, Ben Marans 

7. Undercover in a New York Public School

A story about volunteering in a middle school in Queens, New York, along with everything that I learned. 

8. Dancing in Washington Square Park

The loud, energetic dancers (yes, the flippy guys) in the spirit of the Park, and what the Park Authority has to say about them. 


Corporate Blogging

1. TAMID at NYU: The Artist and the Pitch

A reflection on how to find room for artistic creativity in business settings

2. TAMID at NYU: How Much Does The Resume Matter?

A piece on the elasticity in the startup culture, and the relative value of high-ranking positions  

3. MetroClick: Omnichannel Shopping

4. MetroClick: Technology's Personability

5. MetroClick: Generation Z