Keywee and Meeting with Professor

Today I had my meeting with Professor Orbach Smith. Indeed, I was too figurative and aloof, not concrete enough in describing TabU's actual business model. If I have any chance of getting this published into a respectable magazine, then I've got to up my business-technicalities game. Not that, obviously, I don't know it, just that I need to convey it more. 

Her comments were extensive and thus incredibly helpful. I rewrote about half of the story, and this time I feel like I caputred the sparks of the intial figurative language but this time communicated them better by keeping descriptions of TabU and Ben as more discrete, more compact, defininte, and feature-writing-esque. 


I also conducted my interview with Keywee yesterday. I must admit, I wrote questions for Keywee before I had my meeting with Ben, but after the meeting with Ben I quickly picked up on startup lingo and was able to refine and eliminate obvious questions for Keywee. Their product sincerely has the potential to revolutionize digital marketing in such a specific and distinct way, it's unbelieveable. Essentially, their software scans content and based on the word usage microtargets users on Facebook. Jared, the Director of Sales, had just started there, so the whole entrepreneurial spirit thing was a bit lost. But still, we talked much about enterpreneurship in Israel (Keywee is Israeli), and how startups are part of the personal and fundamental cutlure, and how in many ways entrepreneurship is an affirmation of personal identity and aptitude. It's a beautiful phenomenon, and I'm transcribing the most important pieces of the transcript tonight.

Ayelet Abitbul