Interview with TabU's Ben Marans

My interview with Ben set me on the right track for my beat. I sort of envision something similar to an "Ethnography on Startups," which I could maybe try to freelance out. I wrote the story and it's really fiction-writer-esque, and not so much feature writing. I got some of the ideas out but still working on making the writing be less romantic and fairy-like. Prof. will hopefully help me to realign that work.


Ben is really an incredible person, and I have faith that his app is pure genius. As he said, many people had the idea but the competition lies in action, not words, and Ben and team were the first to create a product.  They've finally got one, created by a developer that they trust. It's possible that my article is a little philosophical and doesnt talk specifically about TabU enough, but there's a bit of a blurry line between how human-profiley these are supposed to be (hence, New York Characters) and how technical they're supposed to be. I suppose we'll see. I just submitted a draft, so we'll see what Prof says and I'm excited to continue working on it. 


The only thing: I'm not sure if I want all three stories to just be covering a single startup. By the end, I want to get the voices of several. I'm planning an interview with another startup that I personally love called Keywee, and that can maybe be a good contribution to the beat. I want to interview loads and loads of startups/CEOs, as many as I can. I want to find universalities among companies in different industries, and I want to pinpoint what allows them success and what makes them fail. I want to report beyond the generic "they work effortlessly" or "they have the go-getter mindset," because yea, so does anyone working for a boss their whole life. What makes a personality an entrepreneurial one, and what environment to they need to unleash this potential? These are the questions that hopefully by the end of this week I'll have answered. 

Ayelet Abitbul