Hey there, I'm Aya.

Things to Know About Me

In my natural habitat (drinking dark, strong coffee)

In my natural habitat (drinking dark, strong coffee)

1. I'm a digital mutt.

I dabble between:

Digital Design

Graphic and Web. Photoshop is a welcoming haven for artists like myself  who could never quite steady their hand.

Corporate Blogging

There's always a story somewhere.

Data Visualization

Strong knack for Excel and Tableau

Feature Writing

Collin's British English Thesaurus will forever be my go to, despite my being so evidently from New York.

Video Creation

Proficient in Adobe Premier, After Effects, and Audition

Digital Marketing/Analytics

Proficient in Google Analytics, AdWords, Salesforce, MailChimp/Emma and all social media platforms


2. I'm a student at NYU, studying Journalism and Sociocultural Anthropology

I've discovered a fascinating symbiosis between the two: the former being historically and politically-necessitated story-telling about people and the things they do, and the latter being scientific, methodological storytelling about people and the things they do. 

Journalism is my primary major, through which I've gained interviewing skills, multimedia skills, and editorial skills, all of which can be viewed in my work. This has also bred my penchant for business journalism, specifically for covering startups. I've found that entrepreneurs embody the classic hero's journey, making for the best stories. 

My anthropology studies have led to my fascination with Japanese business culture and my elementary speaking of Japanese, familiarized me with linguistic research, public health research, and forensic research in various cultural contexts, and introduced me to concepts of clinical cultural intelligence. I also spend copious amounts of time at the American Museum of Natural History (I worked there in high school, too!).

One of my favorite photographs ever taken, which I discovered at AMNH: Margaret Mead in Samoa, 1926 (Library of Congress).

3. Call me Aya

My legal name is Ayelet, a common Israeli name. But that's sometimes hard to pronounce, so most people just stick with Aya.

Fun fact: Aya's also a common Japanese name.

4. Other note-worthy musings:

  • I'm an advanced cellist. When I was 17, I played in an orchestra in Carnegie Hall. 

  • I've hardly ever met someone with a stronger eyeglasses prescription than me (-8.25). If I drove a car without glasses/contacts, I'd be arrested!

  • I speak Hebrew fluently (Israeli dad) and latch onto a British accent when around it (British mom).

And on better days in candescent light, I photograph something like this:

^me, ayelet.

Check out my work and my social media pages to get a clearer sense of what I do.

As always, contact me if your curiosity is begging.